The breakfast menu offers you a rich buffet over 40 alternatives including some Turkish specialities.And since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they know how to extend and add variety to it. Covering a not so small amount of land, we can see some local differences in for instance the type of the cheese, olives or even the bread. Yet all regions have one or more things in.


You can enjoy international & domestic specialities of our kitchen while feeling yourself in the middle of history. Our restaurant is located in the lower part of the hotel where an ancient SARNIC exists. It is a cistern stemming from one of the Byzatine Cisterns which was built in the 5th century and situated in the underground part of our building. The Sarnic restaurant used as a cistern in the past, is a very special place where you can approach the footprints of the past. You will feel the chill of different breezes of the past time in every part of our restaurant.

Meeting Rooms

We believe in the power of personal contact. The best ideas and creative processes are generated when people come together. History Hotel has meeting rooms and our meeting rooms feature the latest technology equipment and free internet access.